High Tops & Mids

High Cut Sneakers and Mid Top Shoes for Men

Discover the widest collection of High and Mid Top Shoes for guys by DC Shoes. Whether you're looking for a high performance skate shoe or a pair for everyday casual look, DC Shoes got you covered.

Authentic design

For over 20 years DC has been designing top quality high cut sneakers and mid top shoes for men. You can count on authentic and original designs. While originally high tops were designed as an athletic shoe for basketball, it quickly became a staple of pop culture. It has since went through different phases of evolution before becoming a must-have for modern street wear and comfortable skate shoe.


All models use the latest footwear technology by DC Shoes to deliver the most comfortable and durable pair of sneakers you'll ever own. Detailed stitching, cup sole construction, foam-padded tongue and many more features for you to enjoy.